Heroin is an opium poppy product which has very strong effects on the brain.

It is very strong medicine, but with horrible side effects if addiction occurs, which it often rapidly does. Some people are particularly prone to narcotic addiction.

Heroin relieves physical pain and mental discomfort or suffering and it may give a high. It sometimes makes people drowsy, but may also give the strength to do things that otherwise could not be done. 

However heroin has such serious side effects that these side effects always far outweigh any benefits and cause much more suffering than did any problems for which the heroin was taken in the first place. The brief patches of relief or elation it gives, are outweighed one hundred fold by the suffering that follows. 

Heroin is rapidly and strongly addictive, with consequent hanging out pain. It is financially devastating and damaging to relationships, families and employment. It leads to contact with the criminal world, crime and often to poverty, bankruptcy, divorce, serious health problems & jail. 


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