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    For mild cases of dry skin, take two omega 3 oil capsules daily. Include deep-sea fish in your diet three times a week and cut back on sugar, alcohol and junk foods. Make sure you rehydrate your skin by drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily. Keep a jug of water on your desk, or a teapot of tea such as my Triple E (liquorice-based), which is very helpful as a mild anti-inflammatory for the skin.

    For itchy dermatitis or eczema take high doses of omega oils - three capsules twice a day until improved. Include two anti-oxidant tablets or foods (orange vegetables or fruits, turmeric, green tea) (A, C and E vitamins); increase the dose to two tablets twice a day if the condition is bad.

    Take one vitamin B capsule a day as skin conditions often flare up under stress when adrenal glands are working overtime.

    Include a vitamin E tablet daily - 500IU or double if you have very dry skin (use even if you are taking an anti-oxidant tablet).


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