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    Masturbation or autoerotism is a common practice in(al! races at every place. It is a sexual outlet and more than 95% males practice at one time or the other. Among females the practice is less frequent. Masturbation has been practiced either as a supplement or substitute for coitus.

    Is masturbation very harmful?

    Dangers of masturbation have been exaggerated. It may not lead to any physical injury unless one is addicted to it. Any ill effects which masturbation may result are feelings of anxiety, guilt, or self condemnation which it brings. Masturbation is looked upon as wicked, sinful and abnormal by elders and it results in sexual anxieties among children.

    What is mutual masturbation?

    Masturbation is generally a sole activity done by oneself alone in privacy. But if two persons masturbate each other, may be males or females is known as mutual masturbation.

    How one feels after masturbation?

    It gives physical pleasure as the intercourse. Mastrubation to the point of orgasm gives relief from tension similar to intercourse.

    When masturbation is harmful?

    If person thinks of Masturbation and nothing else or if whole existence revolves around masturbation then there is something harmful but if one enjoys masturbation with full control it is not harmful.

    Does a girl loses her virginity if she masturbates?

    No, because for losing virginity one should have heterosexual intercourse. Masturbation is not sexual intercourse. It is also not necessary that during masturbation hymen will rupture too.

    Can an old man or woman after menopause masturbate?

    Why not? It is normal to have sexual feelings during the later years of life and one can masturbate.

    Can masturbation become a habit?

    Yes and then it is difficult to break habit. Sometimes persons at particular hour or under same circumstances start suddenly mastrubating such as before actual bath in bathroom whether he is sexually excited or not. It becomes a mechanical process.

    Can there be any advantage out of mastrubating?

    Masturbation develops self love and familiarises one self with one's own sexual response. One can relieve sexual tension without imposing on any body else.


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