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    Girl's masturbation is usually not as direct as boys. They tend to continue to rub against things like some hard equipment, syringes and slides, climbing trees and sliding down poles are effective mechanical means to stimulate their genitals.

    How young girls at adolescence express their sex feelings?

    At adolescence close physical contact with other girls specially little older such as hand holding, arms around the waist, an occasional kissing are common expression. These activities actually pave the way for bigger things to come. In later part of puberty girls develop heterosexual passion.

    Can a girl achieve orgasm by fondling her nipples?

    Yes, many girls who feel shy to play with their clitoris start fondling with nipples and get satisfied, Otherwise also girls if cross their legs and rub their thighs together may soon culminate in orgasm because it moves the clitoris and labia against each other.

    How girls masturbate once they have enjoyed intercourse?

    After having heterosexual intercourse the pattern of masturbation changes. Then girls immitate the act by inserting fingers or some hard, smooth cylindrical articles in vagina and moving in and out.


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