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    THE Tarious ways in which one might make a sexual adjustment to life may be graded in descending order of value as follows:

    1. Very happy marriage.
    2. Moderately happy marriage.
    3. Sexual abstinence.
    4. Temporary, mutual sex attachments.
    5. Auto-erotism.
    6. Unhappy marriage.
    7. Prostitution.

    A list of this sort may serve only to start a first-rate war, but perhaps if it is explained that the author does not plan to force any particular order of values upon the reader, and that each one has the privilege of rearranging the items to suit himself, peace may be restored. There will probably be many who will prefer to put sexual abstinence lower down on the scale, in practice if not in theory. And not a few of the unhappily married will resent our placing their condition near the bottom, but this will probably be due to a natural human pride rather than an objective view of reality. It is difficult to conceive of a more wretched existence than continuing year after year to live with someone for whom one no longer feels any affection or whom one finds disagreeable, annoying or even repulsive. Nothing but an unthinking adherence to traditional ideas of duty and right could ever make human beings tolerate such a relationship. Hence we cannot place marriage, regardless of circumstances, at the head of all forms of sexual adjustment, but we must discriminate, voting a high place to satisfactory marriage but a very low one to any marriage that fails to bring contentment.


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